Radiation is the transfer of energy through space. Heat transfer by radiation takes place with no direct contact between an object and a heat source. Sunlight is radiation that warms Earth and it's surface. Other familiar forms of radiation are the heat you feel around a fire.

Different types of Radiation

Some different types of radiation have enough energy to ionize particals. This involves an electron being knocked out of an atom's electron shell, which will give it a positive charge. This can cause mutations and cancer.


Light is electromagnetic radiation of a wave length that is visible to the human eyes.


Heat can be transfered from one object or one molecule to another through the process of conduction. As one molecule is heated, it begins to heat and shake rapidly. As it does this, it passes heat to other molecules around it. Through this process, the molecules heat on to one another until they are all hot. This is called conduction.


http://www.kidsgeo.com/geography-for-kids/0063-conduction.php http://pbskids.org/dragonflytv/superdoit/conduction_countdown.htmlconduction.jpg


Heat can be transfered by the movement of fluids and gases. During convection, the liquid molecules flow. When the liquid or gas is heated, the particals move apart. When they cool, they move closer together.